The new Dji avata pro-view combo dji goggles 2 , instantly transport yourself to the sky. Awaken the dream and discover your new passion.
The new Dji avata pro-view combo dji goggles 2 , instantly transport yourself to the sky. Awaken the dream and discover your new passion.

Dji Avata pro-view combo DJI goggles 2

The new Dji avata pro-view combo dji goggles 2 , instantly transport yourself to the sky. Awaken the dream and discover your new passion.

Now Avata Pro view combo is smaller and lighter, has micro OLED screens, and is dioptre adjustable. Increase your experience further with a motion controller that smoothly connects your drone. Simple plug-and-fly functionality makes taking to the skies easier.

Press the FN To begin RTH, press and hold the button. Use the FN Dial to access the camera settings in the FPV view. Rotate the dial to navigate the menu or change values, then press to confirm.

Hold down the dial to exit the current menu. Dial to access the camera settings panel while in the FPV view. Scroll through settings or change values using the dial, then press it to confirm your choice. To leave the current menu, simply press and hold the dial.

It brings high-quality imagery to every flight. The integrated camera system features an upgraded sensor. Capture cinematic footage in 4K resolution or freeze time with epic slow-motion shots in up to 120 frames per second.

Experience the future of smooth and stable video capture while swooping and diving, thanks to DJI Avata’s cutting-edge Rocksteady technology. With an impressive 18-minute flight time and a remarkable transmission range of up to 10 kilometres.


  • HD Low-Latency Transmission.
  • Dji RC Motion 2.
  • Immersive Flight Experience.
  • Built-in Propeller Guard.
  • Palm-Sized and Agile.
  • 4K Stabilised Video.
  • DJI Avata Drone.
  • DJI Goggles 2.


The DJI Goggles 2 are smaller, lighter, and comfortable. It has added advantages and supports MP4 and MOV video and audio formats. These goggles provide a smooth media playback experience. Dji goggles2 dual Micro-OLED screens provide crystal-clear visuals and a wide 51-degree field of view.

Its batteries enjoy up to 2 hours of non-stop use. Adjust the dioptre for a clear view that suits your eyes. It is an adventure with DJI Goggles 2, where technology meets comfort and exceptional visuals.

Dji proves valuable for capturing precise shots and tracking moving subjects. Plus, you keep access to DJI Intelligent Flight modes. You can press the 5D button on the remote controller.

The DJI Goggles comfort stems from their well-designed rigid band, which evenly distributes weight around your head. The adjustable rotating knob ensures a snug fit for prolonged use.It has adjustable diopter. Adjust the diopter, push the adjustment knob up and rotate it tight to fix the diopter.

These goggles work smoothly with different DJI aircraft models. They connect without wires to the Dji avatar and other drones. When connected via USB, head tracking controls are across all aircraft.

Dji groundbreaking Visual Communication Technology, these goggles achieve a remarkable balance. They provide clear 720p 60 video from far away and impressive 1080p 30 video up close.


DJI Avatar brings high-quality imagery to every flight. Most camera drones offer, at best, an 84° FOV. The integrated camera system features an upgraded sensor.

You and your audience by using the ultra-wide field of view. Use the diopter adjustment to make the viewer clear. Most camera drones offer, at best, an 84° FOV.

Capture cinematic footage and 4K resolution or freeze time with epic slow-motion shots in up to 120 frames per second. Smooth and stable video, even as you swoop and dive, is now a reality with Rock Steady. And with Steadfast, you can lock your footage.

Capture stunning moments in remarkable resolutions:

4K@50/60fps,2.7K@50/60/100fps, and 1080p@50/60/100fps for cinematic excellence.

Elevate your creativity with a Single Shot Still Photography Mode, ensuring every frame tells a story.

The 12.6 mm Equivalent Focal Length and a maximum image size of 4000×3000 guarantee clarity and detail.

With a generous 150 Mbps Max Video Bitrate

Choose between the recommended exFAT and FAT32 Supported File Systems for flexibility.

Master time with versatile Shutter Speeds (1/8000-1/50s for video and photo).

Achieve perfection in varied lighting conditions with an ISO Range of 100-25600 (Manual) and 100-6400 (Auto).

Empowered by a 1/1.7-inch CMOS Sensor, your visuals radiate life and precision.

Focus confidently with a range of 0.6 m to infinity and a Focal Length of 2.34 mm.

Unleash the 48 MP Effective Pixels for stunningly detailed captures in JPEG format.

Record memories in high-quality MP4 videos, thanks to the outstanding Video Format.

The wide 155° FOV lens and f/2.8 Aperture guarantee expansive and cleared perspectives.

Choose from Colour Modes like Standard and D-Cine to infuse your visuals with your desired tone.

Unleash your vision with the FF Focus Mode. This camera is your tool for boundless creativity. DJI avata


Charging Temperature Range: 5° to 40° C (41° to 104° F)
Chemical System: LiNiMnCoO2
Charging Voltage Limit: 17 V
Battery Capacity: 2420 mAh
Discharge Rate: Typical: 7C
Energy: 35.71 Wh@0.5C
Weight: Approx. 162 g
Voltage: 14.76 V
Type: Li-ion.

DJI’s lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries have garnered a strong reputation for their exceptional longevity. These batteries are durable and last a long time, so drone enthusiasts like them a lot.

Users love their durability and consistent performance over time.

The Intelligent Flight Battery has a rated capacity of 35.71 Wh and a powerful battery life of approximately 18 minutes.

The battery is compatible with DJI’s Intelligent Battery Management System, offering real-time monitoring of the Avatar’s battery. You can focus on flying and enjoying your drone without worrying about checking the battery all the time.

DJI AVATA PRO-VIEW COMBO Comfort and Ready for Adventure

DJI AVATA PRO-VIEW COMBO is portable and prepared for adventure and beautiful design. It is lighter, smaller, and simpler to carry. It has a pilot seat.

The low weight and small size of the dji make it perfect for hitting the tightest gaps. The built-in propeller guard allows you to be more daring with your manoeuvres. If the bottom hits something, it bounces up and stays at the same height. You can keep flying.

Dji Avatar Goggles is a pretty cool and unique experience to use the headset. Make it a truly exceptional and remarkable combination.

You can enjoy the experience without pain, thanks to the lightweight design that minimises strain on your face and neck. It has an emergency brake button. You can swiftly bring the vehicle to a halt by pressing the emergency brake button.

For additional safety, it features downward sensors and returns to home, keeping your drone safe on every flight. Enjoy a crisp live feed with its flagship O3 Plus video and snappy ultra-low latency response times.

DJI decided to use a 100 Hz refresh rate to display 1080P footage. The image was stunning, and the video is in full HD quality.

Dji RC Motion 2 -Feel for Flying

The DJI RC Motion 2 is a lightweight controller. A pro photographer, this controller helps you be more creative and capture amazing photos.

The controller weighs 170 grams. It operates on various frequencies, including 2.4000 to 2.4835 GHz and 5.725 to 5.850 GHz. The DJI drone transmission power (EIRP) varies depending on the frequency.

For the 2.4 GHz range, it operates at a maximum of 28.5 dBm (FCC) and 20 dBm (CE/SRRC). In the 5.8 GHz range, it transmits at a maximum of 31.5 dBm (FCC), 19 dBm (SRRC), and 14 dBm (CE). These power levels ensure strong signal transmission capabilities for the drone.

This controller boasts a maximum transmission distance of 10 km (FCC) and 6 km (CE/SRRC/MIC), ensuring a strong link. With a battery life of about 5 hours, it provides extended autonomy for your drone operations.

Here are the new features of this new DJI RC Motion 2 :

RC Motion 2: First, use it before Liftoff. Push the power button once to see how much battery the DJI RC Motion 2 has. Press and hold the button once more to start the motion controller.

 Latch Button: Press the lock button to control the aircraft for take-off, landing, and braking. For take-off, press it twice to start the aircraft motors, then press and hold to make the aircraft take off. The aircraft will ascend to about 1.2 metres and hover.

Control When RTH or Auto Landing: Press the button once to cancel RTH or landing.

Joystick: Move the joystick up and down to make the drone ascend or descend. Toggle left or right to make the aircraft move Liftoff during flight. Toggle the joystick up, down, left, or right to avoid obstacles more accurately. Once the drone reaches the landing position, toggle the joystick left or right to land the drone.

Mode Button: Normal mode is the default selection. Press the mode button to switch between normal and sports modes. Press and hold to initiate RTH.

FN Dial: Press the dial to open the camera settings panel in the FPV view. Scroll the dial to navigate the settings menu or adjust the parameter value, then press the dial to confirm the selection. Press and hold the dial to exit the current menu.

Shutter/Record Button: Press once to take a photo or start/stop recording. Press and hold to switch between photo and video modes.

Speed pedal: Press to fly the drone in the direction of the circle in the goggles. Push forward to fly the aircraft backward, apply more pressure to accelerate, and release to stop and hover.

Motion Control: You can steer the aircraft by tilting the motion controller left or right. Tilt left to rotate the drone counterclockwise and incline right to revolve clockwise. Adjust the motion controller angle vertically to manipulate the gimbal’s inclination.


  1. The protective blades are a great idea. They should do this more.

2. Very durable design.

3. Super easy and fun to fly.

4. Flight time is good.

5. Motion controller is amazing to fly with.

6. Video resolution is nice.

7. Goggles 2 are very comfortable.


  1. The battery life limits the flying experience to a maximum of 10 minutes, which falls short of providing enjoyment. Having only 10 minutes of flight time is insufficient; a 30-minute duration should be the standard.
  2. Extremely loud. Simply too much noise.

3. Goggles sweat a lot. The screen overheats, the fans are constantly blowing, and there’s excessive condensation, creating an uncomfortable situation. Significant improvements are necessary in this aspect, but it pales in comparison to the disappointing battery life.


What are the benefits of choosing Dji avata pro-view combo for beginners?

This is perfect for beginner users. Flight time is good, I get about 15 min per battery in Sport Mode and rarely hover. Very easy to manoeuvre in small areas and it’s very fast.

What is the high speed of DJI avata?

The speeds are 17.8 mph in normal mode, 31.3 mph in sport mode, and 60.3 mph in manual mode.

What is the difference between DJI avata Pro-View Combo, and DJI avata Fly Smart Combo?

Dji avata pro-view-combo : Firstly, dji avatar pro-view is much easier than other DJI drones. With DJI goggles 2 and dji motion controller it was an amazing experience.

DJI avata Fly Smart Combo: Does not include a remote controller or goggles.

What is the difference between the DJI RC Motion 2 and the DJI motion controller?

The new DJI RC Motion has added new features like a joystick and speed pedal. This sets it apart from the DJI Motion Controller.

Is 2.4 ghz or 5.8 ghz better for drones?

Obviously 2.4 ghz is good for drones.2.4ghz radio waves will go around and through objects a bit better than 5.8.

Can I use DJI Avata without the goggles?

No. Because goggles are the most important part of Dji avata.


The drone itself is awesome. The goggles 2 work really well, they are comfortable to wear, and the resolution is good. The Motion 2 controller works really well. Fix the Diopter, it is a quick guide to achieving clear vision.

Safety is most important. Dji avatar gives importance to sensors and a reliable return-to-home feature. Experience a clear live feed through DJI’s O3 Plus video transmission, with low delay for a responsive flying experience.

It offers real time an 18-minute flight time and a 10-kilometre range, allowing you to explore and fulfil your flying dreams. The original DJI drones have a max video transmission bitrate of 50 Mbps.

Dji have binocular vision. Binocular vision allows us to perceive depth and see in 3D. Unleash your creativity, inspire your imagination, and take flight fearlessly with DJI Avata. Your skyward journey begins now.