Optimistic: Apple iPad tenth generation review in 2024

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Apple has released the Apple iPad tenth generation, bringing a new version of the classic tablet to delight users.

Apple has developed this strange habit. They do not touch some of their products for years before completely transforming them into something fresh and valuable.

Last year, the iMac emerged from oblivion with a sleek design and plenty of power for working at home. Now, in 2022, it is time for the iPad to receive its well-deserved renewal.

If you’ve been focused on the iPhone 14, you may not have noticed Apple’s first tablet in five years. They did it on purpose.

The iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPad Mini have received updates to encourage people to buy the newer models.

Higher prices and the chance of a worldwide recession brought attention to the original iPad.

It had been inactive for some time. But has this reinvention been worth the wait? After having used the new Apple iPad tenth generation for almost a week, we are pleased to say yes, and the result is wonderful.

 The new Apple iPad tenth generation is basically the 2020 iPad Air with some new features.

Its credentials were never in doubt.

We enjoy it when “The 1975 “releases lengthy indie-pop albums. The same goes for Apples new tablets, which come in attractive colors and have good keyboards.

Since this model costs $449 (11,499 pesos in Mexico), it is the most affordable Apple tablet in the short term.

Although people who are paid to know the details of Apple’s product line will see many common things in the 10th generation iPad, a striking and genuinely fun proposition right out of the box.

The 10.9-inch display has no buttons on the border. It has a Touch ID fingerprint reader and a power button at the top of the frame.

The iPad Air and the 202 iPhone 12 both have the powerful A14 Bionic chip. This chip provides plenty of power for all typical iPad tasks.

If you haven’t kept up on what the iPad is capable of in a while, its capabilities may surprise you.

The iPad Pro, with the same M2 chip as the 13-inch MacBook Pro can do full 3D modeling. The similar version is also powerful

Gone are the days of buying a tablet just to watch shows. Now people can use tablets for work on the go. They can pretend to catch up on shows while actually checking emails and spreadsheets. A convenient way to balance work and leisure while traveling.

Apple iPad tenth generation
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Although no iPad is going to replace computers or laptops, it does 70% of the job. It weighs only 477 grams, so you can carry it to work in your bag and use it as a second screen for apps like Zoom and Slack.

What if that second screen comes in handy during the World Cup in November? Well, that’s a total coincidence.

Apple iPad tenth generation The keys to success

We’ve said before that the iPad is a lot like the Hogwarts Room of Requirement. It’s exactly what you need.

The same applies here. Many apps and programs are available for the new 10th-generation iPad. You can use it for art, music, GarageBand, or sending passive-aggressive messages.

A man who often sends these messages on his way to work every morning. Key to each of these equally valid use cases are the two main accessories that Apple makes for the iPad.

The new Magic Keyboard Folio has thick keys and a trackpad that supports keyboard and cursor functions on the tablet.

The Logitech Combo Touch iPad keyboards for the iPad Pro is not as visually appealing as Apple’s Magic Keyboard. However, it is a significant improvement over the old Smart Keyboard option.

You don’t have to touch the screen to move through a Google Doc on this pad. You can adjust the stand on a flat surface. Just like Taylor Swift and her nods to critics, it’s difficult to picture this 10th generation iPad without its keyboard.

Apple iPad tenth generation
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The only downside is the price, which is $249 (5,999 pesos in Mexico). This almost doubles the original cost of this device.

We like the Magic Keyboard Folio, but it doesn’t make sense that the Apple iPad tenth generation works with the Apple Pencil.

You can use a pencil to write notes, draw, and edit photos on the new iPad. However, it only works with the older Apple Pencil, not the newer one.

What does this mean?

The old pencil is less expensive to purchase. However, it does not have wireless charging capabilities. It also does not magnetically attach to the iPad. You’ll need a new adapter to charge the included usb c port.

This seizure only compares the new tenth-generation iPad with the 2022 iPad Air. The iPad Air is the most advanced device available for $599 (15,499 pesos in Mexico).

The software on the iPad is good for being creative. The first-generation pencil works well with it. You won’t have any issues with the pencil.

Technical sheet of the new 10.9-inch Apple iPad tenth generation

    SCREEN      LCD Liquid Retina 10.9 inches 2,360 x 1,640 pixels 500 nits’ brightness True Tone
  PROCESSOR    Apple A14 Bionic  
CONNECTIVITY  Optional 5G (eSIM) Wi-Fi 6 Bluetooth USB type C
REAR CAMERAS  Main: 12 megapixels 4K at 240fps
  FRONTAL CAMERA  12 megapixels and 122º
  SYSTEM  iPad OS 16  
OTHERS  Dual microphones for noise cancellation Stereo speakers  
PRICE  Wi-Fi with 64GB: 579 euros 5G+Wi-Fi with 64GB: 779 euros  

The basic 10.9-inch iPad is now more powerful and with USB Type C.

Apple iPad tenth generation Display

The screen of Apple iPad tenth generation is a 10.9-inch diagonal LCD Liquid Retina Display. This screen, with a resolution of 2,360 x 1,640 pixels and 4:3 format, has a maximum brightness of 500 nits and incorporates the company’s True Tone color representation technology. Apple has not detailed the capacity of the battery that we can charge through the USB Type C port of the device As for cameras, Apple mounts a double 12-megapixel sensor. The rear one can record 4K video at 240 frames per second. The front is accompanied by a super wide-angle lens with a 122º field of view. The new iPad 2022 arrives with iPad OS 16, the latest version of the company’s tablet operating system.

Apple iPad tenth generation
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We close with connectivity by commenting that the new Apple iPad tenth generation have a 5G option with eSIM, in addition to a more basic model that only offers WI-FI 6, Bluetooth and USB type C. We also have stereo speakers on board, a double microphone for noise cancellation, and a new, more colorful body that makes the range more cheerful.

Versions and prices of the 10.9-inch Apple iPad tenth generation 2022

The new 10.9-inch Apple iPad tenth generation 2022 has models with and without 5G and in versions with 64GB and 256GB of internal storage. We can get it in blue, pink, yellow, and traditional silver. The models can be reserved starting today, October 18, and the price indicated by Apple is as follows:

64GB WI-FI iPad: 579 euros

64GB WI-FI iPad for students: 539 euros

64GB WI-FI + 5G iPad: 589 euros

Regarding the announced accessories, Apple offers the following prices:

Apple Pencil: 119 euros

Magic Keyboard Folio keyboard case: 299 euros

Smart Folio case: 99 euros

iPad Wi-Fi 9th generation: 429 euros

Apple iPad tenth generation
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So, we start with something that has caught attention: color. In this case,we have the most striking color, so to speak, which is yellow.

And be careful, because the colors are much more vivid than those of other iPads, but they are also a little more metallic.

They are not, so to speak, plastic colors, but rather they are more reminiscent of aluminum materials. It comes in two parts: on the one hand, the support for, above all, multimedia content.

On the other hand, we would have the integrated keyboard, which we simply connect here to the Smart Connector. It is quite resistant, so we can both write and use the trackpad to navigate the device itself.

We have some pretty cool function keys that allow us to lock the iPad, the lightning port, adjust the volume, and even go straight to silent mode if needed.

Also, another accessory would be the Apple Pencil. If you are going to draw, you already know that this device is only compatible with the first generation.

Even pairing and charging is a bit of an odyssey with so many adapters and cables, and we will have to do this process directly.

But hey, apart from this, it is a device that we no longer only have to have the iPad itself, but the price goes up a little if we add these two accessories.

But hey, you should also keep in mind that part of 64 gigabytes will be enough as long as you have an iCloud account, or else you are going to be quite short on storage.

If you only work with documents or with projects that don’t weigh much, it will be enough for you if you are a little careful.

What really changes on this device?

The main thing is the Apple iPad tenth generation design. We have a design that leaves aside the very large frames, such as the Touch ID integrated within those frames, but now we have it at the top, which is much more comfortable, and we can put different positions there to unlock it. We also have USB-C now.

A design that is already a little square, with a larger screen, going from 10.2 to 10.9 inches. And also, we have the camera that changes position. We do not have it on top, but rather we have it on the side.

This really helps a lot, both in video calls, which is its main function, and also for taking photos when we use it horizontally most of the time.

I think Apple has got it right here, and I think this will be transferred to different iPads. I’m telling you, it’s an ideal position.

For now, it’s all positive. I already told you that the truth is that it has a good design, it has well-positioned cameras, it has Touch, and it has changes in the USB, but what you also have is a new chip, the A14. It is not the M1 chip.

Therefore, we will not have certain functions, as I mentioned in other videos, such as the visual organizer or the fact of connecting it to different screens and viewing it on our Mac. But what we do have is a fully functional chip for the tasks of opening documents and editing those documents, in case we are students, in addition to being able to play any game directly downloaded from the App Store and even edit some videos. 

Well, a few hours are totally enough to spend throughout the day. And be careful, because where we would have a point there, a little weaker, would be on the screen, which I already told you has increased in size. But this is a little affected by the quality of this screen.

It is not bad quality by any means. We have 500 bits; we have… Well, an sRGB color gamut, but we don’t have this P3 color gamut, or the anti-reflective. As we see on the screen, it seems that there is a separation between the top and the bottom.

This is actually good because it will save us a lot of money if the screen breaks. These screens are easier and cheaper to change.

We don’t have all bad things, but we don’t have a very accurate Apple Pencil. However, we do have a cheaper option available. I don’t want to go into too much detail on this screen in this review; the overall experience is very positive with this device.

The thing is that it is an improved version of the ninth-generation iPad.

You already know that this device continues to be sold in the Apple Store, and at the end of the day,

So, we are looking at a difference of about 150 euros, or about 2,000 or so Mexican pesos, and therefore, what differentiates them is really worth it.

Well, in my opinion, I think so. We are talking about a change in design; we are talking about improvements, a new adaptation, an evolution to a slightly more premium device. Only there are things that bother us a little, such as the Apple Pencil or even the screen, or even if we add the price of the Magic Keyboard Folio. 

So, who is this Apple iPad tenth generation intended for?

Well, it falls a little halfway between the iPad Air and this ninth-generation iPad, but it is totally recommended.

I think for whom it is designed, for those students who finally want to use a trackpad, to be able to use it practically as a computer to edit all those documents, to have all those benefits of the newest iPad in terms of design without spending that extra money to have them, or directly for those who want something more than a basic model, because this is the ninth generation iPad.

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It is recommended for those who want an ultra-basic model, even a second device to support a MacBook that we have or a laptop. Above all, this device is ideal for viewing multimedia content, but still, if we want to take a step forward, this Apple iPad tenth generation option is a very good option.

Of course, if you are an illustrator or artist and you are going to use the Apple Pencil, I would recommend going for an iPad Air from the fourth generation or the fifth generation, since it has pace with the second generation, which for me is the jump. The quality of the Apple Pencil is much better, and we will have a fully laminated screen, something that gives it much more quality.

★ Much improved cameras
★ Modified with a USB-C connector
★ Pretty colors
★ Magic Keyboard Folio support
★ Dependable battery life  
▼ Non-laminated screen
▼Rare Apple Pencil support
▼It is no longer a cheap tablet
▼Excluded from some iPad
▼OS features like Stage Manager

Apple iPad tenth generation verdict

No mystery as to why Apple has delayed the iPad redesign for so long. Customers can easily pick a modern design, a good keyboard and mouse, and enough power. Features are simple for customers to select.
We cannot say anything more in terms of pure profitability. The new tenth-generation iPad feels luxurious and is an excellent deal.

You may think you don’t need a new tablet right now, but you’ll find it incredibly hard to resist after seeing it for the first time.
In many ways, the Apple iPad tenth generation is a good tablet, with an impressive design, a smart selfie camera, great cameras, and 5G. But those improvements come at a price, meaning it’s no longer cheap enough for the budget market. Its two-year-old processor and non-laminated screen, on the other hand, mean it’s not powerful enough for the mid-range market.

Should you buy the Apple iPad tenth generation?

In many ways, this is a good tablet, with an impressive design and a smart selfie camera that’s perfect for video calls.

It has a ton of significant improvements over the previous model, from a larger screen and better cameras to a faster chip and 5G., but those improvements come at such a high price (from €429 / MXN$8,999 to €579 / MXN $11,499) that I would no longer consider it a budget tablet.

It’s a shame, because Apple already has a mid-range iPad: the iPad Air, which has a better screen, a much more future-proof processor, and compatibility with the 2nd generation Apple Pencil and only costs €190 / MXN$4,000 further.

The standard Apple iPad tenth generation was designed for the people who need a gadget for reading email, browsing the web, and making calls via FaceTime with their grandchildren, not to compete with the Air.

Of course, the 9th-generation iPad, which is still on sale, continues to meet those needs, although without the price drop that is normally expected when a product is replaced.

However, this leads me to question the target audience for this iPad. It’s not sufficiently affordable for budget-conscious consumers, and due to its outdated two-year-old processor and non-laminated display, it doesn’t meet the standards of the mid-range market. Disappointing battery life was another issue. It’s best to keep the Apple Pencil issue under wraps.

The 9th Gen is likely too basic, and the Air is too expensive for a specific category of the market, but it can’t be that large.

And since how confusing and overlapping this range is, it’s difficult to see how those that fall within that part will notice.

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